Natural Penicillin




Ingredients: 3-4 grapefruits washed and sliced 2 onions chopped 2-5 lemons washed and sliced 2 heads of garlic chopped or crushed ¼ tsp cayenne pepper powder 90,000 IUs Add 1½ to 2 qt distilled water Instructions: First bring the water to a boil then add the above ingredients. Let it boil for 15-20 minutes covered. Turn off heat source and add 8 Tbsp of Echinacea and 8 Tbsp Pau D’Arco. Let it sit covered for 15 minutes then strain. You can drink a little every twenty to thirty minutes. Be sure to fast from food during the time you’re fighting a virus. Drinking only this concoction and water. Additional Information: When many people make Russian Penicillin or Natural Penicillin they take similar ingredients and blend it all into a smoothy then drink it. This is in error. The problem is first, if you already have food sitting in your stomach adding this can cause a war in the stomach. Second during a time when your sick or think you may be getting sick the best thing to do is fast and drink this tea. The reason is the stomach is another organ of the body which, when in use, requires energy and resources which otherwise would be used elsewhere in the body. It would be better to fast so that the saved energy and resources can go to fighting a potential invader or sickness.

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