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Mountain River Health began in 2013. Since then we’ve made a number of mission trips over seas. Presently we are working in Stanton, Kentucky and serving the community in Jackson, Kentucky with the knowledge God so graciously gave us through cooking classes. We have some products we sell on our site or at our meetings to help support our ministry.  It is our goal to help the hopeless and provide simple remedies for those who are sick of the standard American way of treating disease by suppressing the symptoms and not getting to the root cause.

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Our Team

At the present time our team is composed of our family. We hope to expand our team beyond our immediate family one day soon.


Scott Perry has a BS in Animation and received training for Gospel Medical Missionary work through Modern Manna Ministries and through other sources. He been a Christian Health Educator with 15 plus years of experience, and has a background in Agriculture. He with his wife, Maria, founded M.R.H.


Maria Perry has a certificate in Gospel Medical Missionary work through Centurion Ministries and is a Christian Health Educator with 10 plus years of experience. She with her husband, Scott, founded M.R.H.


Energizer Bunny


Medical Missionary Trainee


Medical Missionary Trainee

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Our products come marked with quality. We only offer the best of the best.

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You won't find better prices anywhere else, but if you do let us know and we will try to match it.

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